Why Aswini Bajaj has also completed CIMA?

    CIMA or Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is a globally recognized qualification for careers in Business & Finance.

    It is the world’s largest professional body of Management Accountants with more than 218,000 members working in 177 countries.



  • Graduation: For appearing in the CIMA exam, a graduation degree or an under-graduation degree in any discipline.
  • Other professional qualification: Students who possess other qualifications can be given some exemptions according to the rules devised by CIMA.

Cost of the course and Imp Dates

  • Note- GBP- British Pound Sterling

Registration Fees

GBP 77  Registration (one-off payment)
GBP 77  Re-registration
GBP 77   Registration for the management accountants’ gateway (not including assessment fee)
GBP 425   Registration for the CIMA professional gateway assessment
GBP 725   Registration for the CIMA Master's gateway package
GBP 425   Registration for the CIMA Master's gateway assessment
  • Examination Fees

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

GBP85 Objective tests (per exam)

CIMA Professional Qualification

For exams sat on or after 1 August 2019

GBP100 Operational level objective tests (per exam)
GBP175 Operational level case study exams (per exam)
GBP115 Management level objective tests (per exam)
GBP180 Management level case study exams (per exam)
GBP165 Strategic level objective tests (per exam)
GBP255 Strategic level case study exam


The CIMA subscription year runs from 1st January until 31st December.

Analysis of course

  • 1) Certificate in Business Accounting

i) BA1- Fundamentals of Business Economics

ii) BA2- Fundamentals of Management Accounting

iii) BA3- Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

iv) BA4- Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law.

  • 2) Operational Level

i) E1- Organizational Management

ii) P1- Management Accounting

iii) F1- Financial Reporting and Taxation Integrated Case Study

  • 3) Management Level

i) E2- Project and Relationship Management

ii) P2- Advanced Management Accounting

iii) F2- Advanced Financial Reporting Integrated Case Study

  • 4) Strategic Level

i) E3- Strategic Management

ii) P3- Risk Management

iii) F3- Financial Strategy-Integrated Case Study

Benefits of Course


The CGMA Qualification which jointly contains the tie-up of CIMA & CPA will surely make your resume stand out.


CIMA is partnered with more than 4500 companies around the world and 172000 members across 160 countries. You can get the advantage of exploring a wide array of business and job opportunities.

Cost Effective

Since the Registration and exam fee together cost between Rs. 2 to 3 Lakhs, CIMA is cheaper than other options.

Preferential Immigration Status

The Collaboration of CIMA with professional bodies CPA Australia and CMA Canada, CIMA members are ensured preferential immigration status in the respective countries.


Management accountant
Management consultant
Business analyst
Forensic accountant
Financial controller
Project manager


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